GE Stop Outsourcing

GE: Build Better in America

Decades of outsourcing and offshoring have slashed General Electric’s domestic workforce and harmed our communities and our national security. Each time GE transfers work or shuts down a factory or a whole division, its spin doctors proclaim that this “reinvention” will strengthen the company. 

In reality, as the company prioritizes quarterly gains over long term sustainability, only GE’s bonus-driven CEOs and hedge fund investors reap the rewards. It’s time State and Federal legislators, regulators and political leaders step in to ensure that GE does the right thing. Other countries require GE and other multinationals to invest and hire locally. Ours should, too. 

This website will compile the facts and figures of GE’s transformation from a proud American company to a rogue supranational corporation. We will bring analysis by academic experts, suggestions for a brighter future by policy experts and voices of workers and community leaders. 

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